Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Eventually Crappy People Show Up, and I'm Flattered

ShopToTrot has been out for a little more than a year now. We've gotten enough users for me to say that there is enough interest to keep going, and that feels really really killer. Like anything that attracts people online, some people that come through can be, well Crappy. There, I said it. By Crappy I mean that they have no intention of using the system as it was intended. They are there just to cause trouble.

Well ShopToTrot has received enough attention that we've gotten our first Crappy user that hung out just to put junk ads into the system. This one did have a sense of humor though. He or She at least mocked us a bit by putting in a photo of their "horse" (seen above) that mirrored our stock photo that we use if you don't put any pictures of your horse in (seen below).

For a moment, I was highly irritated. But that shortly gave way to flattery. Someone cared enough to come into our system and stink it up a bit. My point to all of this is simply, enjoy the Crappy people. They can't help themselves, and truly probably need a hug.

More to the point, they are a signal that you are becoming successful. And... if it weren't for them, you might not harden the system.

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