Monday, February 29, 2016

Lunchtime at The Movies

Well, not exactly at the movies (although that would be nice). I've started doing something at work to try and socialize and spark discussion on either technical things or the process of building software types of things. It's a divergence from the occasional post stand-up video showing off some insane accomplishment someone does in a car, or on a motorcycle, or skateboard, or bicycle. It's a bit more serious than that, and for good reason.

One of the great things about working with a team of good people (and by good I mean you care about producing useful stuff and helping out your fellow humanzies) is that everyone has been exposed to different things, have differing bases [bey-seez] of knowledge, and hold their own ideas about technology and the world. You may find out about them either through pairing with folks, coming together as a larger team to solve a problem, over coffee, or on a team outing.

Another avenue is over lunch while watching a video. We live in a time where content is being put out at an unheard of pace. Conferences will often put out either some or all of their material after the conference for absolutely free (truly a service to fellow humanzies at large, looking at you StrangeLoop... thank you). This gives us commoners a chance to gain access to well thought out technical discussions about all kinds of things that we normally would never have access to unless we work for employers that find value in sending us to some conferences (and most employers unfortunately do not do so), or we take the initiative and foot the load ourselves.

Having an area to watch things like this is extremely helpful, and I don't mean everyone crowding into one of your fellow colleagues cubicles and squinting to watch it on their tiny laptop monitor. I mean a proper spot with a nice large screen and comfortable seating to relax, eat lunch, enjoy one another's company, and learn.

Lunchtime at the movies, for me, aids in spreading some of the thoughts and things that I may be interested in out to my larger team. I've pulled together some of the places that I look to for snagging a video from below. If you tend to watch vids of stuff from the chatterboxes in our industry, where do you cull them from? I'm not looking for Pluralsight or Udemy types of courses, but more conference or meetup/usergroup types of things.

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