Friday, February 7, 2014

Cyclomatic Complexity Analyzer

This week at VersionOne was HackWeek, a luxury that I love. There were a lot of great ideas and great demo's as usual. While working on my project I came across a tool that I ended up using that did just what I needed. It's a Cyclomatic Complexity Analyzer called CCM written by Jonas Blunck.

What attracted me to it? You can point it at a directory, and it will grab all the files in that directory and run it's Cyclomatic Complexity algorithm against it, reporting out the complexity for each executable unit, read method in my case. I needed it for C#, but it also runs against C/C++, JavaScript and TypeScript. If you're looking for something dead simple to use and won't get in your way I recommend checking it out. Thank you Jonas.

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